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Get started studying for the LSAT with Upper Canada LSAT Prep’s full prep course!  You will get access to everything you need to excel on the LSAT, including:

Diagnostic Tests:  We will provide you with diagnostic LSAT exams that contain real test questions on the three (3) main sections of the LSAT: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games) and Reading Comprehension.

LawHub Setup:  You will be taught how to use the official LSAT testing interface for test day – PrepPlus through LawHub.

The Digital LSAT:  We will provide you with helpful information and insights regarding the new Digital LSAT.

Review Journals:  You will receive downloadable template files that are designed to extract the most effective insights and personalized reflections for all of the question reviews that you will do throughout the course.

Content Modules 1-8: We will provide you with a step-by-step study plan that is combined with 32 hours of intensive online live courses taught by Professors, Lawyers, Graduate Students and top LSAT industry leaders on the following topics:

MODULE 0: Getting Started with the Course, Zoom Setup, LawHub Setup, About the Digital LSAT, Diagnostic Test, Review Journals

MODULE 1: Logical Reasoning (LR), Levels of Truth, Necessary/Sufficient Conditions, Conditional Statements with AND/OR, Deductions and IF/THEN format, Contrapositives, Numerical Deductions, LR Method, Common LR Wrong Answer Types, Arguments and Conclusions, Paraphrasing, Intro to Conclude Question Type, Identifying Evidence, Functional Role Question Type

MODULE 2: Analytical Reasoning (AR), AR Method, Accept Question Stems, Assume Question Stems, Could/Must Question Stems, Intro to Strict Sequencing Question Type, Strict Sequencing Practice, Review Journals

MODULE 3: Reading Comprehension (RC), RC Method, Passages and Question Types, RC Strategy, RC Practice, RC Passage Research, Comparative Reading Passages, RC Practice, Full PrepTest Practice, Review Journals

MODULE 4: LR Continued, Intro to Parallel Pattern Question Type, Parallel Patterns and Conclusions, Parallel Patterns and Formal Logic, Parallel Patterns Question Practice, Intro to Contention Question Type, Contention Practice, Intro to Argument Pattern Question Type, Argument Pattern Practice, LR Question Practice, Intro to Assumption Questions, Intro to Mismatched Concepts, Intro to Overlooked Possibilities, Identifying Assumptions, Assumption Question Type Practice, Intro to Sufficient Assumption Question Type, Sufficient Assumption Question Type Practice, Intro to Necessary Assumption Question Type, Necessary Assumption Question Type Practice

MODULE 5: AR Continued, Intro to Selection Question Type, Selection Question Type Practice, Intro to Distribution Question Type, Distribution Question Type Practice, Intro to Matching Question Type, Matching Question Type Practice, Intro to Combo (Hybrid) Question Type, Combo (Hybrid) Question Type Practice\

MODULE 6: LR Continued, Intro to Flaw Question Type, Flaw Question Type Practice, Intro to Strengthen/Weaken Question Type, Strengthen/Weaken Question Type Practice, Intro to Parallel Flaw Question Type, Parallel Flaw Question Type Practice, Intro to Inference Question Type, Inference Question Type Practice, Intro to Certainty in Inference Question Type, Certainty Inference Question Type Practice, Intro to Principle Inference Question Type, Intro to Resolve Question Type, Principle Inference Question Type Practice, Resolve Question Type Practice

MODULE 7: RC Continued, RC Question Type Overview, RC Method Overview, RC Question Practice, AR Continued, AR Question Type Overview, AR Method Overview, AR Question Practice

MODULE 8: LR Continued, LR Question Type Overview, LR Method Overview, LR Question Practice, LSAT Test Preparation Notes, LSAT Online Test System Training, LSAT Continued Study Planning, LSAT Test Day Logistics, LSAT Writing Sample Practice and Overview, LSAT Section Management and Timing, Full PrepTest

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