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Your success on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is our mission, and we are dedicated to realizing your dream of becoming a Lawyer in Canada.  

You will be taken step-by-step through your LSAT preparation with our program, and you will work with experienced LSAT instructors that are also lawyers, graduate students and university professors on your journey.  You can expect to get the very best dedicated personal service and online learning system to guide you in preparing for the LSAT. 

 You will be shown how to study in the best way possible in our small classes with 32 hours of online instruction.  With access to Full Official LSAT Prep tests and comprehensive full online learning resources, you will achieve your optimal LSAT score with us.  With private tutoring and personal guidance, you will find everything you need to stand out in your applications to Canadian law schools.

The only thing you need to do next is sign up for our 32-hour course today!

At Upper Canada LSAT prep, we are committed to providing a full-service learning experience that is accessible, diverse, and inclusive. 
That is why we are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with the JD Bridges foundation!
Together, we are working to bridge the gap for prospective Black law students by embracing inclusive change for the future legal community in Canada.
We love what we do and we look forward to learning along with you on your journey to becoming a Lawyer in Canada.

Your success is our mission!

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Fun LSAT Practice Question

Children should be discouraged from reading Jones’s books. Reading them is like eating candy, which provides intense, short-term sensory stimulation but leaves one poorly nourished and dulls one’s taste for better fare. In other words, the problem with letting children read Jones’s books is that _______.

Which one of the following most logically completes the argument above?

(A) it will lead them to develop a taste for candy and sweets

(B) too many children may become frustrated by their difficulty and stop reading altogether

(C) their doing so interferes with the development of appreciation for more challenging literature

(D) their message may undermine the positive teaching done by parents

(E) children may become so enthralled with books that they will want to spend all their time reading




In my experience with UCLP, I began as a student who essentially knew nothing about the LSAT to someone who is very satisfied with my progression towards my goal score. I found UCLP to be very effective at teaching me the fundamental skills I needed to effectively approach each question and now I feel confident that I will have a successful LSAT write. Beyond providing me with a solid foundational knowledge of all sections of the LSAT, UCLP set me up with the tools to productively study on my own. The remote UCLP lectures are also very engaging and informative, along with study materials that kept me organized and on track.
Noah K.
I was blown away with how comprehensive the online lectures were with the Professor. I not only learned the right way to approach the LSAT questions intuitively, but I was always encouraged by the personal guidance offered. I felt that my success was as important to my instructor as it was for me.
Jillian N.
Incredibly Helpful and Encouraging
As a Canadian student seeking admission to a Canadian law school, I just felt incredibly comfortable with the personal approach by my instructor. I loved the methods to learning everything I needed to know about Logical Reasoning, Logic Games and Reading Comprehension. I am confident that I will score very well on the LSAT when I write it this spring.
Chelsea M.
Great Experience
My experience was incredibly beneficial. I took the 30 hour online course together with an additional one hour of tutoring so that I had a one on one discussion with my instructor on how well I addressed the content I needed to focus on after I took the diagnostic test at the beginning of the semester. I couldn’t be more pleased with everything I learned to succeed.
Ahmed A.
From start to finish UC LSAT prep did everything they promised and the whole registration process was super easy. They stood out above the rest and they delivered on their promise. Having lawyers and university professors teaching the courses really made a difference in the quality and understanding of the material. I took both the LSAT prep and private tutoring. Thank you for making my journey a successful one. I strongly recommend LSAT Prep to everyone who will be taking the LSAT.
Mark J.
Twice I took the LSAT and twice I was unsuccessful. A friend told me about LSAT Prep and how much it helped them. I tried them out and I am jumping for joy because I got a 171. Thank you for helping me understand that material, for explaining things until I got them and for making me feel comfortable in asking questions.
Faisal O.